Technology + Innovation Lab Opportunities

Everyone’s work here is meaningful! The TIL team is a delivery engine for agile teams to design, build and deploy impactful products for the enterprise. Using fast-paced design thinking principles, your work here will be able to provide impact within three to six months.

Our culture is best defined by a combination of agile values and principles, along with the values defined by our own people.

Our Values

1. Passion for our purpose

We are passionate about the work we do, the solutions we develop, and continuous growth and improvement in our careers.

  • Grow our skills @ a personal and team level

2. Problems = growth

  • Problems are opportunities in disguise
  • Embrace risk, run towards fear, fill the gaps

3. Do great work

  • Be part of something that makes a difference
  • Deliver real value

4. Always be curious

  • Experiment and explore with the unknown
  • Innovate and create the latest, collest tech

5. Love our team

  • Collaborate with talented, fun and supportive people
  • Strive for strong and authentic relationships


If you’re excited about making an impact at Enbridge, providing real-time solutions to complex problems, and becoming part of the tribe, please check the postings on our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.