Straits infrastructure project moves forward

December 19, 2018

Dec. 19, 2018

For more than 65 years, Enbridge has safely delivered the energy resources needed to keep people in Michigan safe and warm, on the road, and moving forward. Our continued commitment to modernizing our system at the Straits of Mackinac will make Line 5 among the safest, most reliable stretches of pipeline in North America.

Most importantly, the replacement of Line 5 inside a tunnel will protect one of the most important and vital natural resources in the world. Buried 100 feet below the lakebed, the chances of a product release into the Straits are reduced to near zero.   

The agreements completed this week in partnership with the State of Michigan and the Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority reflect Enbridge’s commitment to environmental protection at the Straits.

In fact, Enbridge has already applied for permits to begin taking rock and soil samples at the Straits. The results from this work will provide information that will aid in the design and construction of a tunnel.

Our target completion date for the tunnel project is 2024.   

While the tunnel is constructed Enbridge will also put in place enhanced inspection and operations protocols for the current Line 5. These important steps, some of which are part of our original agreement with the State dating back to 2017, will ensure that the pipelines will continue to operate safely.   

Additional measures that will be used right away on the current Line 5 pipelines include:

  • Providing funding for cameras to give the Coast Guard real-time monitoring capabilities of ships entering the Straits;
  • Shutting down Line 5 in the Straits during adverse weather conditions;
  • Enhancing safety at other Line 5 water crossings.

The tunnel represents an approximately $500 million investment by Enbridge. Enbridge looks forward to bringing to Michigan residents and businesses this vital infrastructure project that will help meet the region’s energy needs well into the future.

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