Agricultural screening tool (Canadian Liquids only)

Crossing liquids pipelines with agricultural vehicles and equipment: The Enbridge Agricultural Vehicle and Equipment Screening Tool

Please note: This tool is ONLY to be used to calculate equipment crossing on Enbridge Pipelines Inc.-owned liquids pipeline assets in Canada.

The operation of agricultural vehicles and equipment is permitted across the Enbridge right-of-way (ROW) for the purpose of normal farming operations such as ploughing, cultivation, planting, and harvesting.

However, equipment is getting bigger--and the Enbridge Agricultural Vehicle and Equipment Screening Tool (at the top right of this webpage) has been designed to help identify those exceptional circumstances where further detailed assessment is required to ensure that larger agricultural vehicles or equipment can safely cross Enbridge's liquids pipelines ROW.

This tool does not transfer Enbridge’s portion of its responsibility and liability for safe pipeline operations to landowners. It simply assists us in identifying and preventing potential safety issues before they arise.

The tool should only be used to evaluate equipment crossing Enbridge’s pipelines and does not provide any form of approval for excavations other than ploughing or tilling to a maximum depth of 45cm (18”) across the Enbridge ROW. The use of the tool is only applicable to Enbridge Pipelines Inc.-owned liquids pipelines in Canada. ROW markers can be used to identify which Enbridge company owns the pipeline(s) you would like to cross.

Use the Quick Tips guide (at right) to help you use the Enbridge Agricultural Vehicle and Equipment Screening Tool. By using this screening tool, you will find that all highway permissible vehicles, tractors, cultivators/harrows, balers, swathers and equipment used to seed, spray or fertilize/spread manure, fall within the “green area” of the screening tool, indicating that the equipment is safe to use. Currently, we have found only a few combines and grain carriers that fall within the “yellow area”, indicating that the equipment should be reviewed with Enbridge.

For questions about the use of this tool or about the crossing of the Enbridge ROW, please call our toll free number at 1-877-640-8665 or by email at If you are calling on weekends or outside of operating hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MDT), please leave a message and a representative will respond to you on the next business day.

At Enbridge, we take our responsibility for safe pipeline operation very seriously. As a landowner, tenant and neighbor along the Enbridge ROW, you make a vital contribution to the prevention of incidents by staying informed, keeping in touch with us, and observing safe practices in and around the ROW. By working together, we can continue to ensure your safety and prevent damage to your agricultural equipment, property and our pipelines.