Officers of Enbridge

Effective: August 31, 2023

Gregory L. Ebel President and Chief Executive Officer
Matthew A. Akman Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and President, Power
Colin K. Gruending Executive Vice President and President, Liquids Pipelines
Cynthia L. Hansen Executive Vice President and President, Gas Transmission and Midstream
Michele E. Harradence Executive Vice President and President, Gas Distribution and Storage
Patrick R. Murray Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Byron C. Neiles Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Robert R. Rooney Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Laura J. Sayavedra Senior Vice President, Safety and Reliability, Projects and Unify
Phillip M. Anderson Senior Vice President, Business Development
David W. Bryson Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Gas Transmission & Midstream
Allen C. Capps Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Gas Transmission & Midstream
Maximilian G. Chan Senior Vice President, Corporate Development Officer
Michael A. Fernandez Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Michelle R. George Senior Vice President, The Next 75, Chief Transition Officer
Leo J.R. Golden Senior Vice President, Projects
Bhushan N. Ivaturi Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Melissa M. LaForge Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
Melissa Y. Moye Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Dean C. Patry Senior Vice President, Operations & Engineering, Liquids Pipelines
Marc N. Weil Senior Vice President, Commercial, Liquids Pipelines
James D. Bouchard Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Jonathan E. Gould Vice President, Treasury, Risk and Pensions
Christopher J. Johnston Vice President, Finance and Controller
Robert J. Jozwiak Vice President, Power Operations
Vikesh B. Kohli Vice President, Safety and Reliability
Susan P. Larson Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer
Rebecca J. Morley Vice President, Investor Relations
Leslie A. O’Leary Vice President, Enterprise Tax
Maistran B. Pillay Vice President, ERP and Enterprise Applications
Peter V. Sheffield Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
Michael F. Spencer Vice President, Corporate Development
Karen K. L. Uehara Vice President, Corporate and Corporate Secretary
Cathleen A. Larson Ward Vice President, Sustained Business Optimization
Bruce J. Webster Vice President and Chief Audit Executive
Collette D. Wetter Vice President, Unify Lead and Sustainment
Lisa D. Wilson Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Bryan E. Ysebaert Vice President, Enterprise Asset and Work Management