United Way


Enbridge has long been a staunch supporter of the United Way — a coalition of charitable organizations that works tirelessly to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work, live, and play.

The United Way focuses on the local community — identifying and resolving pressing issues, and focusing on measurable change — by partnering with business, government agencies, voluntary and neighborhood associations, community development groups, and others. While every community’s situation is unique, the United Way’s primary focus areas are education, income, and health.

Enbridge is proud to support the United Way in its quest to make our world a better place. Every year, Enbridge employees raise millions of dollars for the United Way through fundraising events — and, just as importantly, volunteer hundreds of hours in their respective communities for United Way agencies. Commitment and creativity are key, with Enbridge offices across Canada and the U.S. holding individual campaigns throughout the year.

That volunteer spirit has taken many forms over the years: language support and mentorship for immigrant women in Toronto; cleanup duties at a homeless facility in Houston; bake sales and raffles in Fredericton; clothing drives for emergency shelters in Edmonton; food-bank campaigns in Superior; and live auctions supporting a families-in-transition network in Calgary.

The results of our annual United Way campaigns are a tribute to the spirit, generosity, and ingenuity of our employees. Each year, they find creative ways to raise funds that help improve the lives of people in their communities.