Enbridge Ethics Helpline


To access and follow-up on your existing concern submitted prior to April 11, 2019, click here.

NEW ethics and compliance concerns or questions can be submitted to the new third-party hosted helpline by clicking here. The functionality of the new system has been enhanced to provide the most flexible and innovative reporting methods, including 24/7 Helpline access via web submission, telephone, and mobile texting.

The concept of non-retaliation is a fundamental part of our Statement on Business Conduct and one Enbridge strongly enforces and supports. No retaliatory action will be tolerated against anyone who in good faith reports a potential violation, either internally or to a government authority. An act of retaliation violates the Statement on Business Conduct, and in many cases it may also be against the law.

The Ethics Helpline is intended to complement existing internal communication channels. It is not intended to replace typical means of addressing problems, such as dealing directly with management. The Ethics Helpline is available to anyone who believes the typical means for bringing ethics and compliance complaints or other issues to light have been exhausted, or who feels uncomfortable about addressing an issue in any other way.

Complaints may also be submitted by mail (or other means of delivery) marked "Private and Strictly Confidential – Attention: Chair of the Audit, Finance & Risk Committee of Enbridge Inc." Envelopes so marked shall be forwarded unopened to the Committee Chair.

Enbridge Gas Distribution customers who wish to report concerns about billing or customer service issues are encouraged to contact the Enbridge Gas Ombudsman’s Office at ombudsman@enbridge.com or 1-866-817-6836.

See our Whistle Blower Policy (effective May 1, 2019) (PDF)