Enbridge invests $1.35 million in Saskatchewan and Manitoba communities

May 28, 2018

L3R Hilites
Enbridge's community donations will go toward everything from swimming pools to parks and playgrounds, community hall and recreation centre upgrades, emergency response equipment and more. (Click to download)

Line 3 pipeline replacement project funding meets community priorities


CALGARY, Alberta (May 28, 2018) – Enbridge announced today that approximately $1.35 million in Community Investment funding will go toward more than 55 communities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in support of locally driven projects and initiatives that support safe, healthy and sustainable communities.  

The funds will benefit communities in close proximity to the Line 3 Replacement pipeline right-of-way and are supplementary to Enbridge’s ongoing community investment program. The money will go toward everything from swimming pools to parks and playgrounds, community hall and recreation centre upgrades, emergency response equipment and more.

The $5.3-billion Canadian portion of the Line 3 Replacement Program involves the replacement of approximately 1,070 kilometres of Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, Alberta and Gretna, Manitoba, with new pipeline. About 40 percent of the new pipe was installed in 2017, with the remainder of construction on the essential safety and maintenance project expected to commence in August.

“As a company that delivers the energy that we all need for our daily lives, there’s nothing that matters more to Enbridge than safe, healthy and sustainable communities,” says Enbridge’s Line 3 Project Director Guy Krepps. “We don’t just operate in communities, we live in them. As a good neighbor, we are committed to strengthening communities by supporting innovative programs that positively impact quality of life in our three focus areas — community, environment and safety,” added Mr. Krepps.

The investments add to the more than $600,000 delivered in 2017 by Enbridge to communities from this project fund. Total Enbridge Line 3 community investment in 2017 and 2018 is approximately $2.6 million, directly benefitting more than 80 communities in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and supporting approximately 250 locally driven projects and initiatives.

“The Line 3 project will provide a welcome boost to the local economy and the investments Enbridge is making in our community are a nice bonus on top of that,” says Ken Wiebe, Mayor of Morden, Manitoba. “These contributions meet a number of our needs and support enhancements in the delivery of emergency services and recreation facilities in Morden as well as health care within the region.”

“Pipeline and energy projects like Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement bring long-term prosperity to Canadian communities like Kindersley,” says Bernie Morton, Kindersley’s Chief Administrative Officer. “We are a rapidly growing community in western Saskatchewan that relies, in large part, on the energy sector for our economic stability. The investments Enbridge is making in our community as a result of the Line 3 project fulfill a number of items on our community wish list — including an indoor aquatic centre and town beautification project — and we are very grateful for this much-needed support.”

For a full list of the 2018 Line 3 community investment contributions, please visit Enbridge.com.

Enbridge Community Investment Facts

  • In 2017, Enbridge invested more than $23.9 million in more than 3,500 organizations across North America in community-strengthening initiatives aligned to our three focus areas.
  • In 2017, together with our employees we donated $9.1 million to the United Way.
  • In 2017, we invested $1.7 million in our Safe Community program—bringing the total investment since the program’s inception to about $12.4 million
  • More than 700 employees participated in Enbridge’s Our Community Partners program in 2017 by volunteering over 12,000 hours for causes they care about; Enbridge supported their efforts, by contributing more than $212,000 in volunteer grants.
  • In 2017, our Helping Hands in Action program awarded nearly $335,000 in grants, $821,000 in matching gifts, and completed 356 projects focused on improving quality of life in numerous communities.