Enbridge offers storage service on Canadian Mainline pipeline system

May 04, 2020

Map showing storage on legacy Line 3

Enbridge is always looking at ways to support our customers in new and innovative ways. Given the unprecedented times, we have been exploring all options to make additional storage capacity available until the economy and demand recovers. We have examined our entire system and identified an opportunity to use a portion of the legacy Line 3 pipeline in Canada, between Regina and Cromer, as temporary, regulated storage before the pipeline is decommissioned next year as per our regulatory approval for the Line 3 Replacement Project.

We are offering approximately 900,000 barrels, or about four standard-sized tanks, for an eight-month term. This temporary solution will safely make this storage capacity available to assist industry until market demand returns towards the end of the year.

Testing has been completed to ensure that the section of pipe meets all necessary safety protocols to be used as storage. We will also be running an inline inspection tool and conducting integrity digs to ensure the safety of the line.

The energy industry is facing serious challenges right now with unprecedented market impacts. We are working with governments to support producers’ goal of more storage. This temporary storage, along with the further maintenance optimizations to our storage tank program, will create approximately three million barrels of additional storage capacity for 2020. Of this additional storage, the majority is being used to support operational flexibility across the network.