Enbridge statement on Governor’s comments on Line 5

June 07, 2019

Below is Enbridge’s response to the Governor’s assertion that Enbridge walked away and is concerned with its bottom line:

To the assertion that Enbridge is only concerned about the bottom line we have committed to spend $500M to replace the tunnel, $40M of that alone in preparations this year as part of an accelerated plan that it is the swiftest way to replace the line. Even though the line is safe we have heard the people of Michigan and have made this commitment to see this plan through but we need the support of the State.

We have always and continue to be willing to reach a solution that works for all Michiganders. We have stayed at the table but it is the Governor’s insistence on shutting down the line in 2 years - ahead of the 2024 tunnel completion - and her not supporting this plan which forced us to seek the court ruling.

At every step of the way we have expressed our clear preference to work with the State to execute on this plan which is the best plan for Michiganders.