Line 3 Replacement creates $378 million in Tribal economic opportunities in Minnesota

February 14, 2022

The Line 3 Replacement Project created over $378 million in economic opportunities for Tribal nations, Tribal members and Native American-owned businesses. Over 890 Tribal members worked more than 700,000 hours replacing Line 3making up 7% of the total project workforce and earning over $41 million in wages. 

Local union benches emptied as skilled workers filled positions on the project. Workers from Minnesota and surrounding states made up 46% of the total 12,000-person workforce on Line 3which worked a total of over 10 million hours to successfully complete Line 3RP which went into service on October 1, 2021.

The project provided training and opportunities for Tribal members to join unions, launch new careers, and grow their businesses in partnership with Enbridge and our contractors.  Enbridge initially committed to spending $100 million dollars with Tribal nations, communities and contractors as part of the Line 3 Replacement Projectand substantially exceeded that commitment. 

Line 3 Replacement Project was a privately funded $9 billion dollar investment in energy infrastructure on both sides of the borderover $4 billion of that was spent in the U.S. and primarily in Minnesota. The project created thousands of family supporting construction jobs and millions in local construction spending and additional tax dollars.

Guided by our Indigenous Peoples Policy, Enbridge is committed to pursuing sustainable relationships with Tribal nations and communities that are in proximity to where Enbridge conducts business. A part of that sustainable relationship is ensuring Tribal nations and their people achieve benefits resulting from Enbridge’s projects and operations, including opportunities in training, education, employment, procurement, business development and community development.