Enbridge Mainline service levels

The Service Levels is a foundational document that outlines how to do business with Enbridge and provides a clear overview of the Enbridge Mainline service offering.

This document is designed to mirror the “Nominate to Cash” cycle to support understanding of the terms and conditions outlined in the applicable tariffs for the Enbridge Mainline network.

Click here to view and download the Service Levels document (4.4MB PDF)

Affidavits of capability

Facilities connected to the Enbridge Mainline are required to sign and return an affidavit of capability in order to comply with Enbridge Mainline Destination Verification procedures. Please click on the link below to view or download an affidavit of capability template:

Commodity receipt and routing

The approved commodity receipt and routing for Enbridge's Mainline Network are detailed directly below:

For Commodity Receipt Details (Table 1)
View PDF (145 KB)

For Commodity Routing Details (Table 2)
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