Line 5 Straits emergency response exercise

We work diligently, and in partnership, to always be ready.

We work first to prevent incidents; prevention is a critical component of pipeline safety, and we focus on prevention before issues arise. In addition, we maintain strong emergency preparedness and response systems that we regularly test and continuously improve alongside first responders, emergency management officials, and law enforcement. And in the event of an incident, Enbridge personnel and contractors have robust and tested emergency response expertise, training, and equipment to ensure a safe, speedy, and effective response.

We hope we never have to respond to a pipeline leak. But if we do, we're ready.

To keep ourselves prepared in the unlikely event of an incident, we've conducted more than 400 drills, exercises, and emergency equipment deployments a year, on average, across our company since 2012.

Response exercises build teamwork and improve our effectiveness

On Sept. 24, 2015, we once again put our own emergency response readiness to the test with an Enbridge Enterprise Emergency Response Team (E3RT) exercise in the Straits of Mackinac. This exercise included tactical equipment deployment, shoreline cleanup assessment, and a wildlife recovery exercise coordinated by our environment team. This drill also involved numerous first-response agencies, including:

The U.S. Department of Transportation;
The Environmental Protection Agency;
PHMSA and the U.S. Coast Guard;
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources; and
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

We believe all incidents can be prevented at Enbridge. No incident, spill, or release will ever be acceptable to us.

Here is our Emergency Response Plan for the Superior Region, including Line 5 and the Straits of Mackinac. Please note: Portions of this document were redacted in order to protect personal and security related information. They include names and contact details of employees, contractors and others; locations of sensitive infrastructure; and sensitive security or response protocols. Proprietary company information of our partners may also have been redacted.