Project permit applications: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Enbridge has submitted formal applications to relocate a 12-mile segment of Line 5, replacing it with approximately 41 miles of pipe outside the Reservation. Several permitting agencies review the project. Construction will not begin until permits are received.

Enbridge encourages public participation in the process. Learn more about state and federal permits and public participation opportunities below:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

(public comment open until April 15, 2022)

On Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021, the WDNR released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Enbridge’s Line 5 Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project in Ashland and Iron Counties in northern Wisconsin. As a member of the public, you have an opportunity to review and comment on the draft report.

As part of the project’s permit application process, the WDNR issued a public comment period. You can submit written comments by:


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Line 5 EIS Comments, DNR (EA/7)
101 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53707

All electronic and hardcopy comments must be submitted or postmarked no later than Friday, March 4, 2022. Click here to see Enbridge's supporter guide for the Wisconsin DNR's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

As part of the public comment period, a virtual public hearing on the DEIS and project permits has been set for Feb. 2, 2022. This link from the DNR offers details on attending the virtual public meeting and providing comment.

To access the DEIS in its entirety, click the links below:

View and track the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) application, and see files submitted to the WDNR as part of our water resources application.

Water resources application and files submitted to WDNR

In an effort to make the application for the Line 5 Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project that has been submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) more accessible, Enbridge has created smaller file sizes for users to download:

These files reflect the exact, updated application submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), which can be viewed on the WDNR website. The wetland and waterbody delineation report is available on the WDNR website referenced above.

March 2023 Data Request Responses

Additional assessments

As part of Enbridge’s project evaluation process, Enbridge completed studies to assess:

  • the potential likelihood and consequence of an oil spill, and
  • the potential effects associated with hypothetical releases of sediment into waterways during construction.

Together, these modeling assessments convey an understanding of the range of potential effects from the Project. These assessments have been provided to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the DNR as supplemental materials to Enbridge’s associated applications.

Links to these reports are provided below:

If there are any questions regarding the files or the application, please email us at:

Enbridge has come to agreement with landowners for critical land rights needed for the relocation of Line 5 in northern Wisconsin.