3, 2, 1 . . . Youth in Salisbury blast off into an ‘interstellar’ summer

Dulany Memorial Library takes a close-up look into a Universe of Stories—and space—this summer

It’s a universe of adventure, and it’s enjoyed a very successful launch.

Each year, public libraries throughout the United States participate in the Collaborative Summer Library Program, engaging the imagination of kids in communities far and wide.

Libraries have the opportunity to suggest new themes for each year, and in 2019, the summer reading program has a theme that’s out of this world: A Universe of Stories. Participants in the program have been enjoying space-themed storytelling, entertainment from performing groups and activities including creating kaleidoscopes and demonstrations on gravity.

In Salisbury, Missouri, Enbridge is supporting these aspiring astronauts through our sponsorship of a telescope purchase for the Dulany Memorial Library, which will be available for families participating in the program to sign out and use at home.

“We’re so excited to have a telescope the kids can take home with them. We hope it will start evening meal discussions to help the children share what they’re learning with their parents and get them even more excited about space and stars and planets,” says Cheryl Springer, director of the Dulany Memorial Library.

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The CSLP’s summer reading initiative aims to prevent summer learning loss in students. “Educators say that if children read six books over the summer, they will maintain their reading ability. If they read more than that, they’ve increased their ability,” explains Springer.

In a small town like Salisbury, Springer says there are few funding opportunities available to the library, and the telescope sponsorship will help to deliver an outstanding reading program to their community.

“When the kids come into the summer reading program, they always dash up to the door ahead of their parents. They're smiling and they can't wait to get started,” Springer recalls. “To see that joy in their face, coming to the library and having a good time—that’s the best part.”

Enbridge is committed to improving the quality of life in communities near our operations, and our recent $2,000 donation has helped to fund the Dulany Memorial Library's participation in A Universe of Stories. The library is a community hub in Salisbury, keeping busy year-round with activities including seasonal storytimes, knitting groups and Taekwondo classes hosted at the facility.

“I think sometimes people come to the library because they just need a smile and somebody to talk to,” Springer says. “We do a service for them, just giving them that warm feeling.”

(TOP PHOTO: Dr. Michelle Thaller is assistant director of communications at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and one of several 2019 National Summer Reading Champions for the CSLP's A Universe of Stories program.)