Enbridge joins industry peers in The Environmental Partnership

API-administered organization fosters innovation, collaboration to reduce energy industry emissions

Enbridge is serious about sustainability.

And that’s why we recently joined The Environmental Partnership, an American Petroleum Institute (API)-administered organization of companies in the American oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improve the industry’s environmental performance.

“Enbridge moves about 20% of the natural gas consumed across the United States, and our network of gas transmission and midstream pipelines covers 31 states and the Gulf of Mexico,” notes Bill Yardley, Enbridge’s Executive Vice President and President of Gas Transmission and Midstream.

“Natural gas is key to a lower-carbon future, and we as a company are committed to sustainability—helping to meet North America’s growing energy needs in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible,” adds Mr. Yardley.

“We’re pleased to be adding our energy and our focus to The Environmental Partnership, and to be working alongside our industry peers to reduce emissions.”

The Environmental Partnership, administered by API, consists of about 75 natural gas and oil production, processing, and transmission companies operating in every major oil and gas basin in the U.S.

“We’re pleased and excited to have Enbridge join The Environmental Partnership. They bring an enormous amount of expertise and resources to our growing coalition. Their participation allows us to expand our reach and bring positive impacts beyond production and into the midstream segment of the supply chain,” says Matthew Todd, Director of The Environmental Partnership.

The organization provides a forum for participants to share information and analyze best practices and technological breakthroughs in order to responsibly develop essential natural gas and oil resources.

The Environmental Partnership operates three environmental performance programs, chosen through emissions data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that are designed to further reduce emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Members of The Environmental Partnership are carrying out this work using proven, efficient technologies in the areas of leak detection and repair, manual liquids unloading and pneumatic controllers.

The Environmental Partnership also focuses on education and collaboration to share ideas and spark innovation, and this aligns with Enbridge’s approach. We’re continually looking for opportunities to enhance existing technologies, and advance new ones, in the name of safety; in 2019, Enbridge led, sponsored or participated in more than 130 projects related to research, development and innovation.

“We at Enbridge actively support research and innovation, as we adapt and harness technology to improve safety and reliability,” says Caitlin Tessin, Enbridge’s Director of Market Innovation in Gas Transmission and Midstream (GTM).

“We look forward to collaborating with other companies in The Environmental Partnership to share ideas, learn from subject-matter experts and aim for improvement in operational practices and technologies.”