Fueling Futures: Not just the energy we deliver, but the energy we put in

New Enbridge program unifies corporate citizenship, philanthropic engagement and employee volunteer work

A community offers strength and support. It makes us feel uplifted and encouraged. It creates a deeper sense of belonging. It fosters growth, creativity and innovation.

In short, a community makes life better—and that’s why Enbridge’s Fueling Futures program has been created.

Fueling Futures brings together Enbridge’s ongoing efforts in the areas of corporate citizenship, donations, sponsorship and employee volunteering and giving—a collective force dedicated to making tomorrow better than today.

Fueling Futures unifies Enbridge’s approach to corporate citizenship and the ways we energize communities through corporate donations and strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and a robust employee volunteering and giving program.

Through Fueling Futures, we’re energizing communities with individual volunteer work, with community improvement projects, with disaster relief and humanitarian aid, with strategic donations that strengthen the safety, vibrancy and sustainability of communities.

“We are connected to the communities in which we operate in so many ways,” says Pete Sheffield, Enbridge’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “We live in these communities, raise our families in these communities, and as a good neighbor, Enbridge is committed to fueling quality of life.”

Fueling Futures builds on Enbridge’s long tradition of investing in communities, with a goal of not just giving, but enabling those communities to be resilient. Looking ahead, Enbridge will support donations, partnerships and sponsorships in three focus areas—safe communities, vibrant communities and sustainable communities.

What does this mean in practice? It means sponsoring cultural celebrations. It means funding grassroots conservation and environmental stewardship. It means supporting the emergency response organizations that keep us safe. It means supporting groups like the United Way that champion the greater good. It means lending a helping hand after fires and floods. And it means flexing volunteer muscle within Enbridge’s energized team of 13,000 to make communities better places to live.

It’s more than just the energy we deliver. It’s the energy we put in. Through Fueling Futures, we’re listening—and we’re mobilizing—in communities across North America.

With time, resources, dollars, passion and determination, we’re building a better future. Together.