A responsible approach to benefit natural gas consumers

Enbridge Gas announces partnership with EQT Corporation for purchase of responsibly sourced gas (RSG)

There’s a new acronym to take stock of in the vernacular of Enbridge Gas.

We’ve all come to know RNG, or renewable natural gas, very well in the past year or two as we embarked on a number of key initiatives to help manufacture and distribute the clean biogas generated from decomposing organic waste.

Now with help from the United States’ largest natural gas producer, EQT Corporation (EQT), we’re preparing to introduce our valued customers in Ontario to RSG, or responsibility sourced gas.

We hope everyone will soon recognize that Enbridge’s RSG is A-OK, especially from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standpoint.

At Enbridge, we believe the most cost-effective, dependable and resilient approach to net-zero is a diversified pathway. As part of our overall commitment to a sustainable future, Enbridge Gas has entered into a partnership with EQT to purchase 15 PJ (petajoules) of RSG, beginning in November 2022, and running through October 2023. That’s approximately 3% of Enbridge Gas’ annual gas purchases, a move that strengthens the company’s commitment to climate action—and does so without adding to end-user costs.

We are proud of the diversification of our gas supply portfolio and to that end, we are actively pursuing future RSG opportunities.

So what makes RSG, RSG?

While the natural gas currently purchased by Enbridge Gas meets strict industry-wide criteria for quality, RSG exceeds the current standards to ensure sustainability across the entire value chain. It typically undergoes independent, third-party certification where the natural gas is produced under specified best practices that aim to minimize environmental and community impacts.

EQT has currently certified 66% of its natural gas under both the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development, which focuses on ESG performance, and the MiQ methane standard. The RSG from EQT will be blended into the Enbridge pool for all customers, and Enbridge will also use RSG to fuel some of its own operations.

“At Enbridge Gas it is our responsibility to provide safe, dependable, cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions,” says Jim Redford, Vice President of Energy Services at Enbridge Gas. “As we seek ways to further diversify and balance our company’s gas supply portfolio, we are pleased to partner with EQT Corporation on this significant RSG purchase. As we actively chart a path to a low-carbon future, we expect to pursue additional RSG opportunities when they become available.”

Alternative and collaborative solutions are imperative to reach our climate goals and Enbridge Gas is leading in the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Read today’s news release about our RSG offering.