Heritage farm a labor of love for Wisconsin family

A family farm is all about skill, hard work and strength of purpose. “The ‘family’ farm is the key. You never could do it yourself,” says Larry, whose Erickson Family Farm was established near Hurley, WI way back in 1900. “It’s been in the family for over 120 years, and I’m proud of that,” says Larry’s grandson Brodie. As part of our commitment to help build sustainable communities, Enbridge bought the 4-H steers raised by Brodie and his sisters at auction, and donated the meat to the Iron County Food Pantry. “I think it speaks a lot about who they are as a company, and how they want to give back to our community,” says Talia, Brodie’s sister, who’s using the funds from her 4-H steer projects for her education at University of Wisconsin-Superior.