Indigenous economic engagement

Economic engagement is a priority at Enbridge and our goal is to support the alignment of the priorities and aspirations of Indigenous Nations, Tribes, governments and groups within the broader economy. We are committed to doing business with Indigenous contractors and suppliers as a vital cornerstone in our relationship with Indigenous Nations, Tribes, governments and groups across Canada and the United States. Enbridge recognizes the very important contribution that these businesses make each year to the overall economy and we have a long history of partnering with businesses that are owned and operated by Indigenous peoples.

We work with Indigenous Nations, Tribes, governments, groups and businesses so they can participate economically in our projects and operations. Economic engagement ranges from providing training and employment opportunities on our projects that build transferrable skills, to the procurement of goods and services from Indigenous businesses through a proactive supply chain process.

The intent of this approach is to provide opportunities for Indigenous businesses and workers to take part in and benefit from new Enbridge projects, initially through contracts and employment in the construction phase of our projects. In the long term, Indigenous businesses may benefit from this initiative approach through enhanced capacity to work with Enbridge projects and regional operations.

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