Emergency management: Emergency response plans

Emergency preparedness and response requires a systematic approach to ensure that all hazards are anticipated so that a response is rapid, effective and protective of workers, the public and the environment. We have comprehensive emergency response plans that are reviewed and tested regularly. These plans are tailored to each business unit to cover their operations and associated risks, including geographic-specific information.

Our emergency response plans are available online, accessible via the following links.

Note that portions of the plans have been redacted in accordance with CER Order MO-006-2016 to protect personal information or security-sensitive information.

‘Everybody’s ready to help’: Sharpening safety in Cushing through mutual aid pact
Safety Alliance of Cushing enables training, collaboration, emergency resource sharing
A superior safety partnership for a Superior setting
Superior Fire Department, Enbridge mobilizing development of an industrial response group

In addition to the emergency response plans, documents have been developed, where appropriate, to support:

  • Incident management
  • Exercise design
  • Fire response
  • Tactical response
  • Training
  • Control point mapping
  • Trajectory modelling
  • Drinking water response
  • Groundwater impact, containment and remediation
  • Environmental remediation
  • Submerged oil response
  • Wildlife response
  • Decontamination
  • Waste management

The full picture: Our emergency management programs

Find out more about the various aspects of Enbridge's emergency management programs, including:

6 Enbridge G & P Emergency Response Plan is located on the liquids site.