Lambertville Solar Project ‘symbolizes the future of energy in New Jersey’

Groundbreaking project will pair renewables and natural gas, accelerate shift to a lower-carbon future

It’s been said that the blue flame is essential to going green.

In this case, Enbridge is approaching the promising natural gas-renewables partnership from a fresh angle.

In West Amwell Township, New Jersey, construction is underway on our Lambertville Solar Project. This first-of-its-kind arrangement will use solar energy to make the transportation of natural gas—already a lower-carbon energy source—even more environmentally sustainable.

It’s an unprecedented yin to the yang of gas-fired power generation supporting renewable energy development as a fast-acting backup.

“This groundbreaking project brings together natural gas and renewables, working together to deliver energy in a more sustainable manner,” notes Caitlin Tessin, Enbridge’s Director of Market Innovation. “This project will help pave the way for our natural gas pipeline operations to be even more environmentally focused, and further solidify Enbridge’s role as an industry leader in a sustainable lower-carbon reality.”

Upon project completion, the 2.25-megawatt (MW) Lambertville solar farm will provide solar energy to Enbridge’s Lambertville Compressor Station—offsetting a portion of the station’s electric load, and helping power compressor units that keep natural gas flowing to homes and businesses via Enbridge’s gas transmission pipeline network.

The development is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 58,500 metric tons—or the equivalent of taking 12,640 cars off the road—over the project’s lifetime.

“Enbridge’s Lambertville solar project provides an innovative way to integrate renewable energy technology into supporting existing energy delivery infrastructure. Creative projects like this will be important to our energy future, and help us build back New Jersey,” remarks Jerry Keenan, Executive Vice President of the New Jersey Alliance for Action.

Enbridge’s solar self-power approach to greening pipeline operations further demonstrates the promising nature of a gas-renewables partnership as part of an affordable, reliable, lower-carbon future. As an abundant, low-cost, clean-burning source of energy, natural gas already complements a larger-scale deployment of weather-dependent renewables.

As a member of both the ONE Future coalition and The Environmental Partnership, Enbridge is a leader in the midstream sector when it comes to addressing climate change and reducing emissions, while continuing to deliver the energy people rely on every day.

Using renewable power from the Lambertville Solar Project will also result in cost savings for Enbridge’s customers, including natural gas utilities, power plants and industrial facilities.

“This project symbolizes the future of energy in New Jersey. While traditional methods of energy generation are still very much a necessity, a project like this is a clear demonstration of how aspects of renewable energy can complement and enhance existing energy infrastructure,” says Ciro Scalera, Government Affairs Director with NJ Laborers. “We are proud to work with Enbridge on this exciting project.”

Work on the privately funded, $7-million Lambertville Solar Project began in May 2020, with facilities expected to be operational in fall 2020.

“Enbridge has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to seeing this project through completion during an otherwise trying time for essential construction in New Jersey,” says Wayne DeAngelo, New Jersey State Assemblyman and assistant business manager with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

“IBEW professionals are proud to have been involved in this project since construction began.”

(TOP PHOTO: Aerial view of Enbridge's Lambertville Solar Project in West Amwell Township, New Jersey, which is expected to begin operation in fall 2020.)