Indigenous community engagement

Enbridge recognizes and honours Indigenous peoples' close relationship with the land and the environment. We are committed to building long-term relationships with the communities where we live and work over the lifecycle of our assets.

As a result, we are committed to forthright and sincere consultation with Indigenous people and communities about our projects and operations that may have an impact upon their legally and constitutionally protected rights.

Our consultation activities are guided by our Indigenous Peoples Policy and are in full compliance with guidelines established by the Canada Energy Regulator, related provincial ministries, and other applicable regulatory bodies.

We strive to develop mutual understanding through open, timely, two-way communication. Community consultation can be the vital link that identifies the priorities and concerns of the people who may be affected by our projects and operations, and the regulatory requirements we are subject to.

Enbridge’s approach to Indigenous engagement is based on our desire to build sustainable relationships that create value for both Indigenous communities and our business. Our continued engagement with Indigenous communities and the implementation of our Indigenous Peoples Policy, signals respect for the unique legal rights of Indigenous people, including the unique constitutional rights of Indigenous people in Canada.