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Safety is the very foundation of our business. At Enbridge, we believe that all pipeline incidents can be prevented.

We back up that belief with an aggressive prevention program to maintain the fitness of our systems. We also back up that belief with vigilance, hard work and an abundance of caution.

Explore our commitment to pipeline safety, on land and water, through this interactive experience.

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Safety: The very foundation of our business.

When it comes to fueling the quality of people’s lives, safety and reliability are built in to our energy infrastructure.

We invest heavily in an aggressive prevention program, which invested more than US$900 million (nearly C$1.2 billion) in 2018 on programs that help us maintain the fitness of our systems and detect leaks across our operations.

Take a by-the-numbers look at our performance on pipeline and facility integrity in 2018.

Safe Systems 24/7/365

An overview of our approach to pipeline safety.

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Meticulous selection of pipeline routes

We plan all routes in consultation with landowners, First Nations, Metis and Native Americans, neighboring communities, environmental groups and regulators. We propose routes chosen to minimize the impact on the land, the environment and wildlife.

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Preventing third-party damage

We communicate regularly with our neighbors about our systems, projects and operations, to make sure they know how to stay safe around our facilities, pipelines and distribution systems. This helps to reduce third-party damage, one of the leading causes of pipeline leaks.

Call/Click Before You Dig programs

Buried utilities deliver important services we all rely on—such as electricity, water, cable and data, as well as oil and gas transportation and distribution. To protect public safety, and the systems that deliver these key services, one-call and online programs exist across the United States and Canada for anyone planning to dig, whether it's construction excavation or landscaping activities like planting trees or building fences and decks.

Pipeline monitoring

We monitor our entire pipeline network around the clock, 365 days a year, from our dedicated pipeline control center.
Specially trained staff, working with sophisticated computer monitoring systems,
keep a close watch over the operation of our pipeline network to keep it running safely and reliably.

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Cracking the code

Enbridge and NDT Global, a leading ultrasonic pipeline inspection firm, continue to advance a multi-year project to develop a next-generation in-line inspection (ILI) tool—or robot, in NDT Global’s lexicon—that will advance crack assessment prowess in crude oil pipelines.


Smart pigs, safe pipes

Since 1998, Baker Hughes, a GE company, has performed more than 400 pipeline inspections across Enbridge’s pipeline network, producing more than 70,000 kilometers’ worth of inspection data.

Read our Smart Pigs, Safe Pipes blog series to find out how in-line inspections are advancing safety in the pipeline industry.


Emergency response readiness

While our primary focus is on preventing incidents from occurring, it's also important to be prepared. We hope we never have to respond to a pipeline leak—but if we do, we're ready.

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Water is a treasured resource for all of us. Enbridge takes special precautions
to protect the environment where our pipelines cross waterways or other sensitive areas.

Intelligent, remotely controlled valves

Isolation valves, which control or stop the flow of crude oil, are a key piece of pipeline safety equipment. We monitor our pipeline system 24/7/365, and we can remotely close a valve immediately on detection of a potential problem—with full closure within three minutes of activation.

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You’ve seen how we build safety into our operations. Now, find out how Enbridge actively supports research and innovation as we adapt and harness technology to improve safety and reliability.