April is Safe Digging Month: Call or click before you dig

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a time-worn motto that can have dangerous consequences.

It’s easy to forget that beneath our feet is a network of pipelines, cables, and various other underground utilities.

Across North America, people perform routine maintenance and activities that may require them to dig underground. Many people don’t realize they could be putting themselves and others at risk of serious or fatal injury because they don’t know what’s located below the surface.

Enbridge operates the longest and most sophisticated crude oil network in North America, and is a leader in natural gas gathering, transportation and processing—from Texas to Maine, from Florida to British Columbia. As a pipeline operator whose number one priority is safety, we remind you that April is Safe Digging Month—and we ask that you dig responsibly to keep yourself, your family, friends and neighbors safe.

Always Call or Click Before You Dig. In Canada, this can be as simple as calling your provincial one-call provider or logging on to www.clickbeforeyoudig.com. In the U.S., it’s as simple as calling 811 (or visiting clickbeforeyoudig.com) at least two to three business days in advance of any ground disturbance projects.

Remember, damage prevention is a shared responsibility.

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