Welcome to Enbridge’s Oracle Supplier Portal

We’re creating a new way for our suppliers to engage with Enbridge.

Enbridge is introducing the Oracle Supplier Portal, which is a next generation application for enabling smarter supply chain interactions with suppliers. As an Enbridge supplier, the Oracle Supplier Portal is your gateway to access real-time information and the ability to transact with Enbridge through a secure and self-service Cloud environment.

Benefits to portal-enabled suppliers include:

  • Self-service ability to view invoice status and payment history
  • Accessibility to the Oracle Supplier Portal anywhere internet is available
  • Access to Enbridge-dedicated Oracle Supplier Portal support and training resources
  • Optimization of supply chain transactions through the electronic engagement of:
    • Responses to and management of supplier qualifications
    • Maintenance to your supplier profile
    • Management of sourcing activities
    • Management purchase orders
    • Acknowledgement of purchase orders
    • Management of supplier deliverables associated with a transaction
    • The ability to create Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) against a purchase order

Accessing the Oracle Supplier Portal

This page is intended only for those suppliers who are currently transacting with Enbridge Supply Chain and who have been granted access to the Oracle Supplier Portal. If you are a Prospective Supplier and are looking to work with Enbridge, please refer to our Doing Business With Enbridge: Supplier Information Page.

At this time Enbridge has chosen to launch a pilot program utilizing the Oracle Supplier Portal with a select group of suppliers. Only suppliers who have been selected and invited by Enbridge to use the Oracle Supplier Portal will be provided access and given guidance on how to use the Oracle Supplier Portal.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to future engagement with all of our suppliers.

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Contact us for Oracle Supplier Portal inquiries and support:
Phone: 1-403-767-3753
Email: supplierportal@enbridge.com
Contact us for invoice or payment issue support:
Phone: 1-855-252-1066
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