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The release of our Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan represents another important step in building strong relationships with Indigenous communities across North America.
A collaborative solution when controlling dust is a ‘must’

In the summer of 2023, Enbridge partnered with Cypher Environmental and Subcan Ltd. for an environmentally friendly dust suppression solution at Swan Lake First Nation. The effort helped keep participants and visitors safe during the Nation’s 25th anniversary powwow celebration.

906 Adventure Team: Building resilience on two wheels

The 906 Adventure Team, based in Marquette, MI, builds resiliency in youth through cycling. Enbridge has supported the group since 2018 by funding purchase of the club’s bike trailer, construction of a bike playground, and the addition of two adventure teams in Iron River and Midland.

Enbridge and the energy transition: Natural gas and LNG exports

Through our cross-continent natural gas pipeline network, we continue to feed surging LNG exports that deliver gas to more people around the world, providing the sustainable energy they need. We’re ensuring energy security—and accelerating the global energy transition.

Enbridge and the energy transition: New energy technologies

At Enbridge, we deliver the reliable and affordable energy people need today while building the more sustainable energy systems of tomorrow. We’re pioneering hydrogen, RNG, and carbon capture and storage, and building solar self-power facilities to supply reliable, clean electricity.

Enbridge and the energy transition: Liquids pipelines

Preparing for the energy landscape of tomorrow. Meeting the pressing demands of today. Across North America and beyond. With energy security in the spotlight, and North American energy more important than ever, we’re supplying more people around the world with the energy they need.

Enbridge and the energy transition: Renewable power generation

Renewables are projected to be the world’s fastest-growing energy source for decades. Governments and businesses alike are seeking clean energy to meet net-zero targets. We were an early investor in renewables, dating back to 2002, and we’re now accelerating our strategy to meet that demand.

Enbridge and the energy transition: Gas utilities and storage

Proactive today. Positioned for tomorrow. Enbridge Gas is North America’s largest natural gas utility by volume, delivering affordable energy now, and well into the future. We’re also taking steps to decarbonize our business, explore new technologies and pioneer low-carbon energy sources.

Enbridge and Athabasca Indigenous Investments: A historic partnership
In September 2022, Enbridge and 23 Indigenous communities from northern Alberta signed a deal that gave the communities an equity interest in seven Enbridge pipelines. Six months later, those communities are already using the revenue to enhance the well-being of their people.
The eyes and ears of our pipeline safety program
Inline inspection (ILI) tools move through our pipeline network and use advanced sensor technology to inspect pipe walls millimeter by millimeter. They identify and report even the most minuscule changes that may require follow-up maintenance.
The Enbridge Energy Dashboards
Energy heats homes. It cooks food. It powers industry. It empowers society. It helps build and shape the world around us.

We safely connect millions of people around the world to the energy they rely on, every day, through our four core businesses. These rotating dashboards offer a real-time look at what we’re doing today to fuel quality of life.

Putting our community investment strategy on the map
For investors
2024 Financial Guidance and Dividend Increase
Woodfibre LNG
Woodfibre LNG will help reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by expanding global access to natural gas, displacing coal in power generation.

This 2.1 million-tonne-per-year LNG export facility will have 250,000 m3 of floating storage capacity and be based near Squamish, BC.

Ridgeline Expansion Project Opportunity
Enbridge is proud to be working with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on a project that would provide affordable and cleaner energy for the utility’s customers.

We are proposing to design, construct and operate the Ridgeline Expansion Project (Ridgeline), an expansion of Enbridge’s existing East Tennessee Natural Gas (ETNG) system.

Rio Bravo Pipeline Project
The Rio Bravo Pipeline Project is designed to transport up to 4.5 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from the Agua Dulce supply area to NextDecade's Rio Grande LNG project in Brownsville, Texas.

the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in January 2020 issued a final order on rehearing for the Rio Grande LNG project and the Rio Bravo Pipeline.

Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project
Enbridge and its partner EDF Renouvelables are developing the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project in the Loire-Atlantique region in coastal France.

The 480-megawatt (MW) wind farm will feature 80 GE Haliade 160-6MW turbines to be manufactured in France. The project is expected to generate the equivalent of 20% of the Loire-Atlantique’s electricity consumption.

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