Tomorrow is on: Enbridge and the energy transition

At Enbridge, we’re taking a practical approach to the energy transition by providing the energy needed today while simultaneously advancing solutions for tomorrow.

We’re bridging to a cleaner energy future by innovating across our value chain. Every part of our business is engaged in our emissions reduction targets and our goal of net zero.

By investing in our conventional business, we are ensuring reliability, lowering our emissions and meeting our customers’ needs—and by expanding North American export infrastructure, we are playing a key role in lowering global emissions. We’re also ramping up our efforts in lower-carbon solutions, including renewables, carbon capture, hydrogen and renewable natural gas.

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Enbridge and the energy transition: Natural gas and LNG exports

Through our cross-continent natural gas pipeline network, we continue to feed surging LNG exports that deliver gas to more people around the world, providing the sustainable energy they need. We’re ensuring energy security—and accelerating the global energy transition.

Enbridge and the energy transition: New energy technologies

At Enbridge, we deliver the reliable and affordable energy people need today while building the more sustainable energy systems of tomorrow. We’re pioneering hydrogen, RNG, and carbon capture and storage, and building solar self-power facilities to supply reliable, clean electricity.

Enbridge and the energy transition: Renewable power generation

Renewables are projected to be the world’s fastest-growing energy source for decades. Governments and businesses alike are seeking clean energy to meet net-zero targets. We were an early investor in renewables, dating back to 2002, and we’re now accelerating our strategy to meet that demand.

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Powering the future: Our work in energy transition