Indigenous Peoples Policy

Enbridge’s relations with Indigenous peoples are extensive. With more than 60 First Nations communities located along our right-of-way in Canada and 12 Native American tribes along our right-of-way in the U.S., as we expand our network we will also increase the communities we engage with.

Our Indigenous Peoples Policy directs the methods by which we develop mutually beneficial relations with Indigenous communities close to, or potentially affected by, our operations. This policy promotes the understanding of, and sensitivity to, Indigenous peoples and the issues important to them. It is designed to ensure a consistent, thorough approach to consultation and engagement with these groups.

Enbridge strives to create opportunities that are aligned with the aspirations of the Indigenous communities affected by our business. This often leads to partnerships and sponsorship of educational and training programs, employment-opportunity initiatives, and other capacity-building efforts.

We are committed to forthright and sincere engagement with Indigenous peoples about projects that potentially affect them. We aim to develop mutual understanding through open, timely, two-way communication.

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Indigenous Peoples Policy PDF (2 MB)