Enbridge’s Safety and Reliability Policy

Enbridge Inc.’s duty is to safety and reliability, and this Policy describes our commitment to meet stakeholder obligations across the asset lifecycle. This Policy is applicable to Enbridge Inc., its subsidiaries, and controlled entities (collectively "Enbridge") as well as their directors, officers, employees and contingent workers in all countries where Enbridge conducts business. Joint ventures operated by Enbridge are also included. Suppliers are excluded.

A disciplined approach to risk mitigation is foundational to our success and future growth. As such, maintaining and continually improving upon our safety and reliability performance is our goal and this requires us to conduct our activities in a systematic, comprehensive, and proactive manner that manages risks and prevents incidents across the complete asset lifecycle.

We will achieve this level of discipline through our Management System Structure, which includes this Safety and Reliability Policy, the Management System Framework and Framework Standards which define the enterprise requirements for business unit implementation.

A yellow and grey pyramid

The Management System Framework establishes a comprehensive structure of 11 elements which drive the iterative Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle and are applied to integrity, safety, environmental protection, emergency, damage prevention and security mandatory management programs.

Business units must endorse this Policy through a Commitment Statement signed by their respective President. Each business unit must establish, implement, and maintain an Integrated Management System for their defined assets and business processes, which meets the enterprise requirements. Additionally, accountable business units rely on central functions to fulfill some of their responsibilities. These central functions must also meet applicable enterprise requirements.

A strong safety culture is continually fostered by our Values, Safety Principles and Lifesaving Rules. All workforce personnel are responsible for safety, and we expect hazards, potential hazards, near misses and incidents to be reported. People Leaders are responsible for promoting open communication and trust in the workplace so that workforce personnel feel secure about voicing concerns, without any real or implied threat of retaliation. Workforce personnel can make a good faith report to a People Leader, Ethics & Compliance, Human Resources, Law, or the Enbridge Ethics Helpline. Enbridge’s Statement on Business Conduct strictly prohibits retaliation or harassment and if substantiated will be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

Enbridge Ethics Helpline

Web: www.enbridgeethicshelpline.com

Phone: 1-866-571-4989

SMS Text: 1-281-688-2605