History and Operations

Enbridge has been constructing and operating pipelines in Illinois since the completion of our first pipeline in the state back in the late 1960s. Part of what was originally known as the Lakehead System, Line 6A (now known as Line 6) entered service in 1969, originating at our Superior Terminal in Wisconsin and connecting Enbridge to Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana refining markets.

Since that time, Enbridge has continued to invest in Illinois and expand its footprint by constructing Line 14 in 1998 and purchasing what is now known as the Flanagan Terminal, near Pontiac, Ill, in the mid-2000s. That purchase included Line 55 (the “Spearhead Pipeline”) and what we now refer to as Line 62 which connects our Flanagan Terminal to terminals in Cushing, Oklahoma and Schererville, IN.

In 2009 and 2010, Lines 61 and 13 were constructed, the latter of which included an additional terminal in Manhattan, IL. During 2013 and 2014, Enbridge constructed and brought into service Line 59, called the Flanagan South Pipeline, which originates at our Flanagan Terminal and runs approximately 600 miles to Cushing, OK, largely parallel to the Spearhead Pipeline.

Additionally, in 2015, Enbridge built three new pump stations in Illinois as part of the Line 61 Upgrade Project and brought into service both the Line 78 and Line 63 (constructed as the Southern Access Extension Project) pipelines, as well as a new tank at the Manhattan Terminal. Today, Enbridge operates approximately 1,170 miles of pipeline through Illinois.

Enbridge is also part owner of Aux Sable, a natural gas processing plant, and the Alliance and Vector interstate natural gas pipelines which also operate in Illinois.

In 2018, Enbridge’s capital expenditures in Illinois (including pipe steel, equipment purchase and replacement and capital leases) exceeded $384 million, while our operating and administrative expenditures in Illinois (including maintenance costs, equipment leases and power consumption) exceeded $642 million.

Line 6 Line 13 (Southern Lights) Line 14 Line 55 (Spearhead)
34-inch 467 miles Superior, WI to Griffith, IN (crude) 20-inch 1,588 miles Manhattan, IL to Edmonton, AB (diluent) 24-inch 467 miles Superior, WI to Griffith, IN (crude) 22/24-inch 575 miles Pontiac, IL to Cushing, OK (crude)
Line 59 (Flanagan South) Line 61 Line 62 Line 63 (Southern Access Extension) Line 78
36-inch 593 miles Pontiac, IL to Cushing, OK (crude) 42-inch 454 miles Superior, WI to Pontiac, IL (crude) 22-inch 75 miles Pontiac, IL to Schererville, IN (crude) 24-inch 168 miles Pontiac, IL to Patoka, IL (crude) 36-inch 79 miles Pontiac, IL to Griffith, IN (crude)
Alliance* Chicap** Mustang*** Vector****
36-inch 2,391 miles Fort St. John, BC to Joliet, IL (natural gas) 26/16/14-inch 203 miles Patoka, IL to Chicago, IL (crude) 18-inch 215 miles Chicago, IL to Patoka, IL (crude) 42-inch 348 miles Joliet, IL to Sarnia, ON (natiral gas)

*—Enbridge has a 50% ownership interest in Alliance

**—Enbridge has a 43.8-percent ownership interest in Chicap, which is operated by BP

***—Enbridge has a 30-percent ownership interest in Mustang, which is jointly operated by ExxonMobil

****—Enbridge has a 60% ownership interest in the Vector Pipeline