Enbridge's Emergency Responder Education Program


Enbridge is proud to offer emergency officials in our areas of operation with free, unlimited access to online pipeline emergency response training.

The training portal is among the many initiatives the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL), together with supporting emergency response organizations, has created to assist first responders to learn the techniques and skills to address a hazardous liquid or natural gas pipeline incident. Using the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) “Pipeline Emergencies” Program, this best in class online training is provided free-of-charge to all first responders. For 911 dispatchers, the awareness course is recommended by Enbridge Emergency Management to provide information about hazards and proper response.

Training participants are able to select the training program that best suits their needs, including the following levels:

  • Awareness (Introduction)
  • Operations (Intermediate)
  • Technician (Comprehensive)

It is important to note that any response to a pipeline emergency must be done in accordance with individual agency protocols.

Access the training registration page and associated modules

Enbridge recognizes that the online training platforms are only available in English. If you are in an area that Enbridge operates and require emergency responder training in French, please send an email to CdnPublicAwareness@enbridge.com.


At Enbridge, operating our pipelines safely and reliably is a top priority. We work diligently to protect our underground pipeline infrastructure because it means our neighbors and employees are protected as well. Although pipeline leaks are rare, Enbridge is prepared and will work with emergency officials to protect the public and environment in the event of a pipeline emergency.

In an effort to provide emergency officials with additional information beyond the aforementioned training program, a resource page has been created to provide information on how to access Enbridge Field Emergency Response Plans, grant programs, and other helpful materials.