Line 5 monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye, 24/7, with trained staff and computerized monitoring.

Every day, we monitor our entire pipeline network around the clock through a dedicated control center. Using sophisticated cameras and computer monitoring systems, specially trained staff—known as controllers—work in our Pipeline Control Center and watch over operation of our pipeline network to keep it running safely and reliably. The controllers receive a comprehensive, minimum six-month training before they are qualified and allowed to operate consoles independently.

We monitor our pipelines for possible leaks using multiple computerized systems, each with a different focus and each using different technology, resources, and timing, including automated leak detection alarms.

Additionally, in 2020, we opened the Enbridge Straits Maritime Operations Center (ESMOC). This technologically advanced center helps us monitor activities around Line 5 as an added measure that helps preserve the safe operation of Line 5.

Together, these methods provide overlapping and layered leak detection capabilities. Exercising an abundance of caution, we treat all notifications as leaks until we conclusively prove otherwise.

Upon detection of a problem, our specially trained staff can close immediately the remotely controlled isolation valves, with full closure occurring within three minutes of activation to isolate the affected section of the line. Line 5 has remotely operated isolation valves along the entire line, including a valve on each shore at the Straits of Mackinac.

Enbridge personnel also performs aerial line patrols at the Straits every two to three weeks.