Line 5 operations and maintenance

Preserving and maintaining an exceptionally well-built pipeline.

Our industry-leading operations and maintenance programs use both human resources and cutting-edge technology. They provide multiple layers of protection, as well as comprehensive leak-detection capabilitiesand they’ve helped maintain the safety and reliability of Line 5 for more than 65 years.

Line 5 operates at less than 25% of its maximum pressure capacity, which minimizes stress on the heavy-walled, carbon-steel pipe that forms Line 5and also enhances safety.

Every batch of oil that enters our system must meet stringent quality standards, and is treated to kill any corrosion-inducing microorganisms.

Multi-layered protections have maintained Line 5 safety for more than 65 years 

Since 2002, we’ve used a screw anchor support system to secure the twin pipelines running along the bottom of the Straits. These 10-foot-long steel screws are augered into the lakebed on either side of the parallel lines, holding a steel saddle that permanently supports the lines. These screw anchors are no further than 75 feet apart, per our easement agreement with the State of Michigan. The Line 5 Straits crossing now has 128 support anchors in total.

After more than 65 years of operation, inspection reports consistently show that Line 5, from an engineering and maintenance perspective, is in excellent condition.