Community engages via new Line 5 resource

Animation image of Great Lakes Tunnel staging site Still image from an Enbridge animation video featuring the Great Lakes Tunnel Project. A variety of videos, animations and interactive opportunities are available at the new Enbridge Line 5 Virtual Open House, which launches today.

Convenient virtual open house now available online

April 28, 2021

Ever watch a tunnel-boring machine in action or wonder how it will help build the Enbridge Great Lakes Tunnel Project?

With the click of a button, those interested in how the engineering marvel will be part of constructing the Great Lakes Tunnel Project now are able to see it in action through Enbridge’s new virtual open house.

Launching today, the Enbridge Line 5 Virtual Open House offers guests a variety of videos, animations and interactive opportunities. Guests can ask questions, as well as provide feedback about Line 5. In addition to highlighting how Enbridge achieves safe operations and environmental protection, the virtual open house shows Enbridge’s role within the community.

Community convenience

“It is very important for us to hear from our communities while providing them an interactive and engaging way to obtain factual information about Line 5 and Enbridge,” said Candice Braddock, senior community engagement advisor for Enbridge. “Community members interested in the Great Lakes Tunnel Project now will be able to participate in a virtual open house from the safety and comfort of their own homes, at a time most convenient to them.”

Available 24/7, the Enbridge Line 5 Virtual Open House mirrors the pre-COVID Enbridge open houses. Guests are able to visit the stations of most interest to them. They also will hear from subject-matter experts.

In addition to the virtual open house, Enbridge is hosting a virtual one-hour public meeting starting at 1 p.m. ET Thursday, April 29. Registration is required; please use this link to register.

“We are happy to offer the 24/7 virtual open house, as well as the virtual public meeting,” said Braddock. “Once we know that large in-person gatherings are safe, we also are eager to resume in-person events. In the meantime, these virtual options are a wonderful way to continue to connect with the community, simply on a different level. We hope that the community finds this helpful.

The Great Lakes Tunnel Project is one of the largest construction projects in northern Michigan. Placing a tunnel underneath the lakebed to house a replacement segment of Line 5 will eliminate the risk of a spill from Line 5 in the Straits while protecting the pipeline from an anchor strike.

Enbridge is committed to paying the entire cost of constructing the Great Lakes Tunnel Project.  Upon completion, the tunnel in the Straits also could house other utilities, such as fiber optic cables that provide internet service.

Follow this link to experience the Enbridge Line 5 Virtual Open House.