Our role in society

At Enbridge, we deliver the energy that fuels quality of life.

Energy heats homes. It cooks food. It keeps people moving and connected. It helps build and shape the world around us.

Enbridge is a leading North American energy infrastructure company. We safely connect energy supply to the continent’s best markets through our three core businesses, and our growing renewable power generation business—providing the energy that’s critical to everyday life and drives our economy.

We’ve evolved to meet growing global energy needs—delivering the energy mix of today and tomorrow, and helping to meet those needs in ways that are ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

The work we do creates well-paying jobs in towns and cities. It generates tax revenue to build schools, hospitals and roads. It stimulates local economies. It provides grants and volunteer labor that strengthen communities.

Above all else, we aim to make a difference, economically and sociallyas an industry leader, as a responsible corporate citizen, as an exceptional employer.

Because life takes energy, and we deliver it.

Enbridge and North America's energy value chain

Although we don’t participate in every stage, Enbridge plays multiple key roles in the continental energy value chain, including transmission, storage, gas distribution and renewable power generation. Click on the image below to learn more.

Energy value chain illustration