Enbridge's Public Awareness Program


Keeping in touch with our neighbors is very important to us at Enbridge.

Our goal is to be the first-choice energy delivery company in North America and beyond. For us, that means providing safe services through communities; collaborating, partnering and engaging with them; and delivering energy in a way that creates and adds value for our communities.

That’s why we contact landowners, business owners, tenants, communities, Indigenous and Native American groups, excavators, municipal officials and emergency officials on an ongoing basis. It’s an opportunity to share important information, hear about our neighbors' experiences, respond to their questions, and update them on Enbridge’s safety programs.

Our robust Public Awareness Program focuses on several key groups near our pipelines and facilities:

Check out our interactive assets map to find out if, or where, our systems cross your region.

Visit our landowners page to learn more about our commitment to landowners, ask a question, or find out about safe digging and damage prevention practices.

If you believe you are in a pipeline emergency situation, ensure your own personal safety by moving to a safe place--then call 9-1-1 and the toll-free, 24-hour Enbridge emergency number in your area (or an emergency number that you see on a pipeline marker).

For our neighbors: Enbridge's Public Awareness program

By staying aware, following safety precautions while working near pipelines, and bringing up concerns or issues, you can help prevent incidents and minimize their impacts.

For school officials: Enbridge's Public Awareness program

As a school official, you also make an important contribution to the team. It's important for you to know if pipelines are located near your school, and how to recognize a potential leak.