April is Safe Digging Month
Always Call 811 or Click Before You Dig. Remember, damage prevention is a shared responsibility.
Safe digging in four simple steps (U.S.)
Learn how to call or click before you dig—and what happens when you do.
Dispelling some common safe digging myths
Before you break ground, make sure you know what's below
Safe digging and damage prevention

If you're excavating near a pipeline right-of-way (ROW), you need to call your local toll-free one-call number in either the U.S. or Canada in advance.

In the U.S.? Call 811 before you dig
Or visit www.call811.com.
Cultivating farm safety near pipelines
Calling 811 in the U.S. saves downtime, repair costs and lives
Always dig with CARE
Everyday tools like shovels can cause serious damage if lines aren’t properly located and marked.