The journey continues

Our approach to Indigenous engagement and inclusion is continuously evolving. While we have made strides to embed Indigenous inclusion into our business, and we are making progress, we know there is more work to be done.

We are committed to this work and to challenging ourselves, our peers, our leaders and our associates to live our values and be innovative and progressive in our approach to collaboration and inclusion.

Our goal is to create and nurture sustainable, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous groups in the areas in which we operate, while ensuring our projects and operations are structured to ensure the land is protected for seven generations and beyond.

As we learn more, as we confront our truths, we create a path that we can walk, together, towards reconciliation.

“While we are proud of our accomplishments and outcomes to date, this is a journey where the destination isn’t an ending but rather an opportunity for continual learning and improvement. A bridge to our energy future has to include continued focus on improved collaboration with and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples—and it has to include a commitment to challenge ourselves to cultivate continued discussion, reflection, collaboration, and ultimately, action.”

—Kim Brenneis, Director,
  Community and Indigenous Engagement, Canada

Two men walking in a field
Enbridge Tribal engagement advisor and representative of Sac and Fox Nation in Oklahoma.