IRAP vision and values

At Enbridge, our core values—Safety, Integrity, Respect and Inclusion—reflect what is truly important to us as a company.

These values represent the “north star” for our organization, a constant beacon by which we make our decisions, as a company and as individual employees, every day. In 2020, we invested time and energy listening to our employees speak about their experiences, including the barriers faced by Indigenous peoples. This engagement resulted in the addition of inclusion as a core value. We are committed to upholding these values as we collectively walk a path to reconciliation.

Our name, Enbridge, has long conveyed our commitment to being a bridge and leading the way to a safer, cleaner and more sustainable energy future. We recognize we have an important role to play in building bridges toward reconciliation and in collaborating with Indigenous peoples on the energy transition as we seek to be the leading energy infrastructure company in North America.

Our vision for this IRAP is that it will:

  • Guide us on our continued journey to reconciliation
  • Unite and focus us in our efforts to continue to build and nurture respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples
  • Enable us to collaboratively create a safer, and more accountable, respectful, sustainable and inclusive future for seven generations3 and beyond

We believe we can achieve more together—collaboratively, respectfully, purposefully and transparently.

3“Seven generations” is an Indigenous sustainability principle that says that we should consider how every decision will impact and affect those seven generations into the future.

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