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2022 Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan
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Why an Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan?

Enbridge is proud to share this Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (IRAP). As a North American company, it is important to foster meaningful reconciliation within communities where we live and work.

This IRAP continues our long-held commitment to strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities across North America and advancing reconciliation. It represents an important next step, allowing us to track and report on our progress against tangible commitments.

Enbridge has a strong track record of engaging with Indigenous communities across North America over many years, about our projects and operations. That includes building relationships, creating economic opportunities, working to maximize benefits, and incorporating feedback into our plans and designs. The IRAP allows us to further outline our commitments and report on our progress.

One of the first such plans to focus on reconciliation from a North American perspective, the report lays out 22 commitments organized into six pillars: People, Employment and Education; Community Engagement and Relationships; Economic Inclusion and Partnerships; Environmental Stewardship and Safety; Sustainability, Reporting and Energy Transition; and Governance and Leadership.

Our IRAP will serve as the roadmap by which we will continue our journey to advance truth and reconciliation. It is the mechanism by which we will remain accountable for executing on our commitments and to our partners, including Indigenous peoples.

The IRAP builds on our performance-based environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals introduced in November 2020 and our Indigenous Update Report earlier this year, reinforcing Enbridge’s goal of being a leader in Indigenous reconciliation.

Land acknowledgment

Our projects and operations span Treaty and Tribal lands, the National Métis Homeland, unceded lands and the traditional territories of Indigenous Nations, Tribes, Governments and Groups (Indigenous groups)1 across North America.

* All dollar amounts are in CAD except when specified in USD.
1 In this IRAP we are using the term “Indigenous groups” when referring to Indigenous nations, governments or groups in Canada and/or Native American Tribes and Tribal associations in the United States. We have the utmost respect for the unique rights and individual names of Indigenous groups across Turtle Island (the name by which some Indigenous peoples refer to North America). This collective term is used solely for the purpose of the readability of the IRAP.

Star illustration

Over the years, Enbridge has been honored with blankets gifted from Indigenous groups. The blankets served as a source of inspiration for the 2022 Indigenous Update Report. We honor these gifts and their importance to the fabric of our culture, and our dedication to continued learning and inclusion of Indigenous culture, heritage and teachings in our everyday lives. Now that inspiration has evolved into a star graphic inspired by the style of the artwork found in this report.